Shoetherapy Ballerinas shoes: maximum comfort!

French orthopaedist, De Jean Douhaire, and stylist Cécile Reinaud have worked together to create Shoetherapy. These ballerina shoes are designed to relieve back and joint pain.

PhytoSuisse natural care for children

PhytoSuisse is a children's skincare range created by Emilie Rogg. Emilie is a mum and phytochemist who specialises in corneotherapy: the treatment of hypersensitive skin.

Centifolia Natural Conditioner

Sometimes our little misses’ long hair needs a good natural conditioner! Here you’ll find an overview of Centifolia’s conditioner with natural ingredients.

Moussaillon Powder Soap by Indemne!

At ours, anything to do with cleanliness needs to be fun and colourful if it's going to succeed. With that in mind, a powder soap is a great concept to discover with our kids!

Kit & Coco : Prevent and eliminate head lice

All parents dread head lice - just think of all the things we have to do if our little ones get them! Kit & Coco make life simpler, as much through prevention as treatment. Kit Coco products will help all parents to prevent and eliminate head lice from their kids.

Culbuto Self-righting Kids Toothbrush

It’s not always easy to get the kids to brush their teeth. In this mammoth task, a cute, fun kids toothbrush which stays upright on its own can help!

Freitag perfect fashion and handy handbag for mums!

For mums, finding the right fashion and handy handbag can sometimes be a challenge! In this article, we’ll tell you about a certain Freitag model - the E002 Shopper - which is simple yet super practical.

Lulustick kid personal label stickers

Whether it’s the start of the school year, pre-school or sports camps, we all need tags to label our children's belongings, and Lulustick kid personal label stickers is a super practical solution!

Anti-lice: Schoolchildren's Best Friend Shampoo by Centifolia

Taking care of head lice does not have a one-size-fits-all solution! If it’s possible to prevent them with a natural shampoo while getting rid of our little brown buddies, that can be a big help!