Yoga practice tips : Take things easy

It’s been days, weeks, even let’s be honest: months that your yoga mat is giving you the look and you’re just not sure of exactly when you are supposed to fit that yoga practice in, between work and the kids and more work and… well we all know about it.

Yoga practice at home

My tips this week is are try to take things easy… I know it’s always easy to say but what is the goal of yoga if not to learn how to ease into things ?

I was for months frustrated because I was trying to practice Yoga while my baby girl was asleep, and as soon as I would step on my mat She would wake up and I would just give up.

  1. My recommendation would be to gently make your yoga practice part of a routine during which the kids can watch, come and hug, try to practice with you or play around. Of course there’s a time and age where it is more accessible, but if baby/kids are entertained, then you’ll feel happy and relaxed.
  2. Keep your goals very low: start with one or a few sun salutations and then progressively add more in. Baby and kids will be happy to know that it is just for a little while, I would recommend starting with 10 minutes to eventually increase to a maximum of 30 minutes practice.

Yoga inpiration

Savasana (relaxation) may be a great time to hug and kiss or maybe even sing a nice mantra together. You can find some very nice on YouTube. One of my favorite is « jai ganesha »

Marion Yoga instructor @yogavibeslausanne



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